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Workplace people counting - Photo by Leon on Unsplash

14 September 2021 | < 1 minute read

Improve your employees’ experience with people counting

People counting may have started in retail environments, but it is a technology that can be used in the workplace...

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Efficient workspace with smart lighting

18 August 2021 | < 1 minute read

Make your workspace more efficient

Look around you - is there a glare on your screen? Or is the room too dim? These might sound...

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Office working

6 August 2021 | < 1 minute read

Ensure your office is ready for the return

Is your office ready for your employees to return? Returning to the office after working from home doesn't just mean...

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Creating a smart office

15 July 2021 | < 1 minute read

Creating a Smart Office

The past two years have shown us how vital a good working environment is for productivity and employee wellbeing. Workplaces...

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