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LUUXX Smart Lighting

Smart lighting systems can dramatically change the ambience and proportions of your living and leisure space, on demand. Our smart lighting also allows you to automate and control your lighting to meet your daily routine, and special occasions.

In addition, smart lighting can improve your security, helping your home to look occupied when you are away, ensuring you never come back to a dark home.

With easy-to-use labelled keypads, it’s simple to understand how your smart lighting system operates. Our versatile keypads include advanced scene buttons, such as ‘Welcome Home’ and one touch commands such as an ‘All Off’ function.

Our smart lighting is not just for new builds – with its wireless capabilities we can install this system into your existing lighting set up.

Your smart lighting keypad can also be used to control other items in your home, including TV’s, Music, Garage Doors, even Blinds and Curtains. Add in the energy and environmental benefits of dimmable lighting, and you can understand why smart lighting is a popular service from LUUXX.

We can help design and install smart lighting systems whether it’s for one room or your whole house and garden. Get in touch with LUUXX today to see how we can light up your home.

Project Examples

Our Favourite Smart Lighting Examples