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Here at LUUXX we excel in the design and fitting of home gyms and fitness suites. The interest in fitness and home workouts is growing, now is the perfect time to contact us about fulfilling your requirements.

We provide bespoke gyms and fitness suites, fully equipped with all of the equipment that you need. We advise on what would work in the space available and understand what’s important for you to have. Working closely with some fantastic brands, we are able to fit the fitness rooms to a very high specification.

Our team has designed numerous fitness rooms, and understand that they are a very personal space for the individual. Even though functionality of home gyms is key, it doesn’t mean that design and style should be forgotten. We ensure that your space has ample room to move around during your activity whilst also looking fantastic. Home gyms really are something special, therefore, we ensure that they really do have the wow factor that you require.

Whether you want to give your current home gym an upgrade, or have some free space and a new-found love of fitness. Be sure to contact LUUXX as we have the team and skills to provide the perfect fitness solution.

Technologies and Brands

LUUXX has partnered with Technogym to fully fit out our clients’ home fitness suites with the best equipment that the industry has to offer. Working alongside Technogym enables us to have the choice of all the exceptional equipment that we could dream of. This choice means that anything our client wants in their home gym, we can provide. However, there is a lot more to a gym than just equipment, and here at LUUXX we really can blend it all together.

Audio Visual Home Gym Assets

As leaders in the audio visual industry, it’s important to mention the role it plays within the workout routine. Music is known to help improve a workout, keeping you in rhythm and taking the focus slightly away from the pain of working out. If you need music to enhance your workout, then you need the best quality sound possible. In your own home, you have the ability to choose what music fills the entire gym and not just your headphones. In ceiling speakers are the ultimate way to enjoy your favourite workout tunes in your own, personal fitness suite. It’s not just audio that is important whilst working out. Many mainstream gyms have televisions in them offering different video distractions for their members whilst working out. With your own gym, you can play whatever you please during your workout. This brings added enjoyment to a workout, enjoying your favourite television/film at the same time as improving your fitness levels.

Design is key

First and foremost, design plays a key role in our industry. It is the first thing we think about in any project and a home gym is no different. Design is not only important when it comes to making projects look great, but also in determining the functionality of a solution throughout its lifespan. Space, order and grouping is important in gym design to ensure that a workout routine is efficient. Not only that, but you’ll have a fantastic looking fitness room to boast about. What more could you ask for?