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Imagine returning home to find your lights have automatically been turned on, the blinds and curtains are closed, your favourite music is playing, and every room is your perfect temperature. This is exactly what smart home automation systems provide.

We can help you to achieve a luxurious lifestyle with a smart home system. By designing this around your personal needs, we deliver home automation that puts you in full control.

Our suite of smart technology includes easy-use remote controls, a bespoke smartphone app, smart lighting keypads, and on-wall touchscreens.

We provide products from leading brands, such as Control 4Savant, and Lutron. These, together with the expertise of our exceptional, vastly experienced software engineers, enable us to produce a system that fits any lifestyle and budget.

Technologies and Brands

We work with some of the best brands in Home Automation, including Control4, Savant, Crestron and KNX. Having multiple systems that we can offer allows us to approach each project with an open mind, designing a system that is fit for purpose, ensuring each home works just how you’d want it to.


With over 30 years of Control System programming experience between our team, the icing on your AV system cake is in good hands with our expert programmers. This allows all those unique features that you wonder ‘is that possible’ to be achievable.

The Automated Home

Whether you want that luxury media room with blinds that close and lights that dim as you press play on your favourite movie, to Security systems that link to your home lighting and audio system to enhance your security system… we work with each client to understand their needs and program their system in a way that enhances their lifestyle and simplifies their technology. Contact LUUXX to discuss how we can help on your road to the complete Smart Home.

Project Examples

Our Favourite Home Automation Examples