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At LUUXX we offer a wide range of audio and visual systems, tailored to suit our clients and their homes. Our systems are hassle free and provide a luxurious feature in any home.

Not only do we provide multi room systems, but we design and install systems for individual rooms. These systems are to suit our different client based on specifications and budget. A single music room is a premium way to enjoy your favourite tunes, at a less premium price.

Multi Room Audio Systems

At LUUXX we design and install multi-room audio systems which enable you to listen to your favourite music around your smart home.
Whether cabled or wireless, we provide a wide range of options. This means that you can choose what works for you, including the possibility to link your audio set up to a smart home automation system.
Whilst multi-room audio is a premium home feature, we also offer individual room systems. At LUUXX, we give you the choice and are flexible to work to any brief, within the budget that you have available.

Multi Room Visual Systems

Our multi-room video systems enables you to watch the same content on multiple screens across your home. This premium smart home feature is great for when different members of your family want to watch a live event in smaller groups.
Multi-room video allows all of your screens to access multiple video sources. Therefore, allowing for more flexible viewing options within your home. We integrate our video systems with a whole home control system, making them even more flexible and versatile.
At LUUXX, we use our vast knowledge and experience to offer opinions on technology and setup, but our clients also play a key role in the final decision. You are in full control of the luxurious systems that we will install in your smart home.

Brands & Technologies

As with any install, we approach our AV systems with a brand agnostic viewing, using our years of experience to initially examine your home and decide which products are going to provide the best output for you. This allows us to create bespoke systems, tailored for your needs. Our systems are normally made up of products from a selection of brands including Artcoustic; Gallo Acoustics; KEF; Monitor Audio; HDANYWHERE; Wyrestorm and Kaleidescape.

Flexible Viewing & Listening

Whilst multi-room systems are a great way of connecting the house, we realise that everyone has personal taste in both television and music. Our systems have the flexibility to be disconnected, meaning that the music can be different in every room. This allows all of your family to enjoy the premium audio visual systems, whilst enjoying their own favourite songs and shows.

Project Examples

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