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14 Dec 2021

Securing your home smartly

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With all of the luxuries inside of your house, it is often easy to forget about keeping your home and it’s contents safe. The effect of a high-tech security system is incredible in many senses. They act as deterrents for crime; protects you, your family and your belongings; and can lower your home insurance.


At LUUXX we provide high-tech CCTV and security systems for additional peace of mind whether you’re at home or staying away. Smart security allows the owner to keep an eye on their property from wherever they are in the world. A smart system can also be linked to a lighting system, causing lights to flash when an alarm goes off, therefore attracting more attention. Geofencing is another fantastic feature of a smart security system. When approaching home after work, you can have your gates open ready for your arrival. There are so many more benefits of fitting a smart security system. Find out more by contact a member of our team: https://bit.ly/3DYZWrV

Whilst our security systems are built to keep our clients safe, they’ve also got to look good to stay in trend with your beautiful home. With the amount of work our team puts into the interior design of the home, it is incredibly important to complement this. We style and create our systems to fit seamlessly into your home and lifestyle, matching the design and your style preferences.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help keep your home secure: https://bit.ly/3DYZWrV