The Collective Cafe





The Collective Cafe

LUUXX was approached by The Collective Incorporated, a new immersive interior design store and luxury cafe-bar in Leeds City Centre.

Our brief was to deliver a high quality balanced audio system for the whole space. Allowing low level easy listening for a luxury cafe atmosphere, as well as louder audio for those Friday and Saturday evening bar vibes. We achieved this by first using our design skills and running the space design through our professional design software. Based on our design we chose the amazing Sonance P63T pendant speakers. These speakers provide amazing audio quality as well as fitting in with the interior design.

To help the staff at The Collective Inc, we designed and installed a Lutron RA2 wireless lighting system using several Pico wall controls. This allows the staff to easily control the 14 separate lighting circuits with a single button press. Therefore, creating ‘scenes’ that suit the time of day and/or the current use of the space.

In what is a luxury, interior design led space, it was important to blend audio and lighting control systems seamlessly. Through careful, well-designed systems, we were able to achieve this and bring luxury lifestyle through technology!

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