Luxurious Entertainment Space

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  Bowden, Cheshire

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Home Automation, Smart Home

Luxurious Entertainment Space

For this luxurious entertainment space, our team worked hard to combine the best of the services we offer. We combined our technological insight with our interior design skills to create this perfect luxury smart home.

We delivered a broad range of bespoke features within this home. Our team created a multifunctional and luxurious entertainment space. This included a dance floor over a hidden swimming pool, concealed TV screens, a fully functioning DJ area and a large bespoke bar.

Our work extended through this beautiful home and included 18 TVs, including pop-up screens and 22 audio zones, which can be set up individually or linked together to mirror one another.

For this project, we took on an advisory role and supplied the smart technology for an automated home gym and swimming pool area. Our LUUXX team also worked on the security for the luxury project. We installed 14 internal and external CCTV cameras, along with remote-controlled entry barriers.

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