Control Your Home The Intelligent Way

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  North Cumbria

  60000 - 80000

Smart Home, Smart Lighting

Control Your Home The Intelligent Way

In this full smart home automation project, we provided our client with luxury, comfort and peace of mind. We created a smart automation system enabling them to link and control all of their lifestyle technology. The smart technology included audio, lighting, televisions, heating, showers, baths, security, CCTV and entrances.

All of this integrated technology allows our client to create the perfect comfort setting for their beautiful house, from work or any other location, before they arrive home. Our state of the art technology makes all of this possible, a complete smart home is the only way to have full control of your living spaces.

Our smart system is simple to use whilst providing a high end solution. This particular project includes remote heating; automated smart lighting and multi-room music. The Savant home automation system we fitted came the ‘Whole Home Savant’ app which allows you to turn on your appliances from any location with your smart phone.

For additional peace of mind, we provide this project with number plate recognition for access; automated door and gate locks and automated garage access.

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