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7 Dec 2021

Media Rooms v Home Cinema

Media room post image


A question we get asked regularly is what is the difference between a cinema room and a media room.

Our media rooms are carefully designed and built using the best technology for the space that you have available. Most media rooms are fitted with amazing surround sound audio and high quality video. This creates that immersive feeling without being in an enclosed cinema space. 

A LUUXX media room allows you to enjoy your space as a luxury living area, one moment and a be a high-performance media room the next. The design of these rooms being key. Our interior designers will work with you to make the best use of the space. They can easily blend the aesthetic and technology seamlessly together.


We design and create media rooms in order to give our clients the best visual experience for themselves, their family and their friends. However, it is important to understand that a media room is not ALL about the technology. Media rooms are meant to be the perfect balance between comfort, technology and style. Windows and doors are often incorporated into a media room, whereas this is not the case in home cinemas, where hidden doors and window shutters are a common feature. Therefore, projectors are not normally used and we tend to fit high quality televisions within these rooms.

When initially planning a media room design, we have to respect that they are more than likely going to be a multi-functional space. In comparison to a cinema that is often dedicated to solely viewing. Our team is highly experienced in creating that much needed balance between tech and decor. We have worked with TVs that transform into mirrors and speakers that are hidden into light fittings. No one need know that they are sitting in a high-tech viewing area whilst enjoying a gathering within the room.

To find out even more about the functions of media rooms and how they can improve your home, contact us: https://bit.ly/3DYZWrV