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20 Dec 2021

Immersive cinema for film lovers

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Our home cinema installations are built to be truly immersive. They are built for you and around your needs.

Each of our previous installations has been custom built and carefully crafted around our client. Here at LUUXX we really go the extra mile in terms of customisation. Perhaps you’re after a hideaway to enjoy your favourite films or a room that has it all: how about a gold slide?!? Nothing is out of our reach.


And when we say nothing, we really mean nothing. Our culture is to do everything we can for our clients and to be truly adaptable when it comes to the briefs that we are set. How do we go about creating such brilliantly bespoke settings for our clients?

  1. OUR FANTASTIC TEAM – Our team at LUUXX love thinking outside the box and working on different styles of projects. The more obscure, the better! When tasked with difficult spaces and differing styles on interior test, our team really excels to push the boundaries of what a home cinema can offer.
  2. UNDERSTANDING THE CLIENT – One thing that we ensure we do before starting a project is taking the time to get to know our clients and how they like to live. This initial part of the process allows us to buy into what the client is trying to achieve and shows us how our project will help improve their lifestyle.
  3. IMMERSIVE MOVIES – Movies were made to be viewed on the big screen without distraction, in order for the viewer to fully appreciate the visual masterpieces. We create our cinemas to allow our clients to full immerse themselves in whatever they are watching. We have numerous methods of doing this including, the speaker systems we fit and the blackout functionality of the space we are working with.

If an immersive cinema room sounds like something you need in your home then take a look at our custom built projects for inspiration, ready for LUUXX to begin your projects: https://bit.ly/3lG9fqe