Concierge Service

At LUUXX we value customer satisfaction and stand by the quality of all the home technology that we provide.


In addition to the standard warranties, supplied by the finest manufacturers in the market, we provide a range of extended monitoring and specialist maintenance services, on yearly subscription basis. These services are designed to optimise the functionality and longevity of your technology, whether installed by us or a previous provider.

Our LUUXX Concierge service is founded on the basis of personal service and attention to detail. We are able to monitor and maintain a broad range of technology. Many tasks can be managed remotely, meaning that preventative action and fine tuning can be managed without us having to visit your home.

Our Concierge service begins with an assessment to understand all of your existing technology, to see exactly what we can monitor for you. Our 24/7 monitoring service enables us to survey the status of your critical technology in real time. Our monitoring system also means that we can often manage remote repairs, including preventative action, so that many problems with your system can be solved before they even happen or worsen.

To assure you of the coverage of our service, we provide regular performance reports for your technology, and any maintenance work we have carried out. We also provide a Help Desk, where you can report any queries or unforeseen issues, and be confident that we will prioritise the resolution of any problem.

Check out what's covered in our concierge service below.

Our discreet, comprehensive cover guarantees:

Fixed rate servicing and tech management

Access to helpdesk and ticketing system

On site engineer support when needed

Round the clock remote monitoring and error detection

One to one user training

‘Courtesy components’ – loan of equipment during repairs

Routine white-glove home visits to ensure optimal hardware and mechanism operations, and for minor programming updates

Seamless software updates

Internet speed and usage monitoring and options for 4G backup

Optional Cyber Security package, keeping your data and equipment safe

Regular reviews of software improvements and security updates

Systems health reports, preventative checks, cleaning and adjusting

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