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LUUXX provides commercial services across a broad range of commercial premises, including offices; bars & restaurants; hotels; and entertainment venues.  

We work with each client to design the best possible solution for their needs, whether that’s a single conference room, a whole office building or even a full hotel project.

Our team can put together a number of solutions to enhance your commercial space, be it for your employees benefit, your own guests experience or even to reduce your companies energy usage and carbon emissions.

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What can LUUXX bring to your commercial space?

As something that exists in every commercial premises, how much thought has gone in to the best use of lighting in a space? At LUUXX, we believe it is time to rethink how businesses approach their lighting, both for employee wellbeing and also for environmental savings.

To ensure employees stay at their most productive, businesses put lots of things in place… good seating, break out areas, flexi-time policies, etc. But what about lighting? Lighting can be key to maximising the wellbeing of all your workforce, making sure the brightness levels are correct, making sure there is no glare on them or their work screens, and making sure they have control to have the best lighting conditions possible. That’s where smart lighting systems come in, providing a system that is fit for purpose and providing the right light levels, for the right person, dependent on the task they are doing.

And that’s not the only benefit… imagine a system that can reduce your lighting costs by up to 70% overnight as well as reducing future maintenance costs. Well that’s exactly what a smart lighting system such as Lutron can do. Whether it’s a commercial new build, renovation or you simply want to get the most our of your lighting, there are options and budgets for every stage your business is at. And due to our lighting systems producing clear energy saving costs, these advanced systems pay for themselves.

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LUUXX have been designing and installing smart buildings for years, and office spaces are not exempt. Lighting is one of the biggest costs for office buildings, but we can help. Using systems such as Lutron lighting, we can help reduce your cost of lighting by as much as 70% and at the same time, produce a lighting system that provides a better working environment for your employees.

LUUXX can even design office smart systems that regulate your full HVAC with control of heating; Air-Con; lighting and shading, giving the best possible environment for your employees to be most productive.

LUUXX provides full smart building, electrical and audio visual solutions for your office.

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The way people and businesses collaborate has changed forever and LUUXX can help you ensure you are set up for the way we now work. With more and more virtual meetings, home workers and split sites, the ability to collaborate has become vital to the ongoing productivity of modern businesses. Whether you use Microsoft Teams, Skype or Zoom, we have solutions that allow you to collaborate seamlessly.

LUUXX can help design the ideal room for your business as well as assisting with your employee connectivity options. Ensuring your collaboration spaces have high quality audio and video ensures the meeting experience is maximised… no more bad lighting, no more sun shining in the room, no more multiple remotes and buttons to press to control your system. Let LUUXX produce a system that can be controlled from one bespoke interface, where the room is set with the touch of a single button, maximising your employees time and ensuring the meeting space produces results.

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Modern day guests have high expectations when they attend bars and restaurants and LUUXX can help enhance that guest experience. With correctly designed audio systems allowing all guests to experience the same level of audio no matter where they are in the venue and appropriate, automated playlists depending on the time of day then the guest experience really is enhanced to the max!

Add smart lighting control for the full benefit of both staff and guests, ensuring the lighting is always correct at any moment.

Audio and smart lighting are just some of the ways LUUXX can help your bar or restaurant.

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