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4 January 2022 | < 1 minute read

An automated home for the future

🌡️  AUTOMATED HOMES FOR POSITIVE CHANGE  🌡️ The winter months are upon us, and it is important to make sure...

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Smart security post image

14 December 2021 | < 1 minute read

Securing your home smartly

🔐  KEEPING YOU AND YOUR BELONGINGS SECURE  🔐 With all of the luxuries inside of your house, it is often...

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2 December 2021 | < 1 minute read

Turn your smart home dreams into reality

🎛️  DREAMING OF A SMART HOME  🎛️ What does your dream automated home look like? There are so many elements...

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Automated blinds in smart home

26 August 2021 | < 1 minute read

Make life easier with automated shading

Keeping light out can be just as important to your comfort as letting light in. Whether you require curtains, blackout...

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Bespoke door with keypad entry

16 August 2021 | < 1 minute read

Dreaming of a smart home

Imagine opening your front door after work to find your lights are on, the blinds are closed, your favourite music...

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Savant automation touchscreen

28 July 2021 | < 1 minute read

Building the perfect smart home

Our home is our sanctuary, and many of us have spent more time at home than we could have ever...

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Staircase smart lighting

26 July 2021 | < 1 minute read

Light up your life

Elevate your home with intelligent lighting. Our easy to use intelligent lighting systems allow you to automate your lighting to...

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